Planning A Podcast For Your Business?

Concept to Casting

A comprehensive program for coaches, consultants, and business owners who want to launch a professional-sounding podcast without wasting time and money in the podcast weeds.

Don't Stumble Blindly Into Podcasting

Starting a podcast has a big technical learning curve – that’s why there are so many programs out there to help you get your podcast recorded and launched.

Here’s the bad news – that’s not the hard part.

If you want an effective and engaging podcast that is going to convert listeners into customers (or even fans), you need to develop your podcast with your listener in mind and know how to serve them every episode.

That’s what we do with the Concept to Casting coaching package. This is a Done-With-You program to ensure that your podcast fits into your content marketing strategy, attract the RIGHT listeners, and is positioned to drive engagement, loyalty, and, ultimately sales to grow your business.

Success Happens By Having a Plan

The Concept to Casting Program Focuses on

Goals & Targeting

We start with the end in mind by establishing your marketing goals and target audience.

Creative Design

We work with you to create a unique podcast style and structure that serves your business goals.


To have a great podcast, you need to sound great every time. We train you to perform like a pro.


We launch your show on all the major platforms like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts & more.

What's Included

  • Clarification of your goals as they relate to your podcast
  • Precise audience targeting
  • Creative concept development that serves your business needs
  • Structural design of your show
  • Technical guidance for gear set up
  • Performance coaching (rehearsals)
  • Step by step instructions for launching your show right
  • Promotional strategy to help your team get your podcast noticed

Let's Make Your Podcast Dreams a Reality

This is Not a One Size Fits All Offer.

Every podcast we develop is as unique as your business which is why everyone we work with gets a customized experience.

This is 1:1 Coaching.

Well, actually 2:1 coaching because you’ll get two experts working on your podcast development over the course of 3 months (video marketing and business strategist, and my wife, Valerie McTavish).

Hi, I'm Tim,

Host of Just One Tip from Your Podcast Performance Coach.

Podcast Coach Tim Wohlberg

As a coach, I tap into my 25 years of broadcasting experience (as a host, talent developer, director, instructor and award-winning producer) to share the tools and techniques proven in radio to cultivate loyal fans and engage audiences. While I still dabble in radio, I’ve been helping podcasters develop their skills for the past 4 years.
As my past radio college students will tell you, I dole out some tough love but I like to do it with a sense of humor.

Sure, I’ll point out your weaknesses but then I’ll give you the techniques you need to turn them into strengths. As a part of this coaching package, you’ll also get to work with Valerie McTavish, a content marketing professional with 25 years of experience in show development, marketing and storytelling. She’s an award winning producer who has developed television programs for local and national broadcasters.

Hi, I'm Valerie,

Podcast Coach Valerie McTavish

You won’t just have access to me as your podcast performance coach,

you’ll also be working with the co-founder of Podcast Performance Coach and producer of Just One Tip, Valerie McTavish. Valerie's career has spanned from advertising to radio and television development to producing local and national live TV. Since 2011, her focus has been on digital marketing, specializing in helping entrepreneurs tap into the power of content marketing to build relationships with their ideal audience so leads and sales come in with ease.

What Others Are Saying

Andrew Petty

Andrew Petty Is Dying

“In short order, (Tim & Valerie) they took my very vague and unspecific concept into one that was very specific and more powerful. The investment is 100% worth it. You will not be disappointed.”

Olivia Mancuso

Elevated Frequencies

“Going through this program really helped me get focused on who i need to be speaking to and cutting out the rest of the noise that didn’t matter.”

Joy Spencer

Reframe to Create

“His (Tim) step-by-step process really is going to get you from idea to launching a podcast that you love. Tim is invested. Tim is someone who will catch your vision and come alongside you as a partner.”

Brian Keene

Autism Family Toolkit

“They (Tim & Valerie) helped me line everything up, get my target audience avatar, and it’s been amazing results. And they’ve been extra patient with me and making sure I had it completed.”

Victoria Yassem

Business Security

“Tim and Val makes everything so easy and so seamless that anyone can do it. If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur looking to start your own podcast, I definitely recommend starting start with Tim and Val first.”

Inna Topiler

Health Mysteries Solved

“And it’s, it’s a really like, very much back and forth. It’s not like you’re sending your file off to somewhere far away and then not hearing anything back. They’re amazing.”

Amy K

The Growth Moment

“There’s no way I’d be here with a successful podcast without them. Because it’s not just about the technical or helping you actually get it up. They start with the big questions, the why and the what”

One Last Thing

This is a collaborative process. We’ll be working with you to build the best damn show specifically targeting your ideal customer. Proper podcast development is something that far too many marketers mess up. They don’t give it enough thought and consideration. They rush into it; mimicking what others are doing or base their decisions on what they think will be fun. Flash forward a few months and they’re frustrated, burnt out and wondering why they aren’t generating any sales. 

Make no mistake – podcasting is a huge investment of time and money. Don’t waste any of it trying to figure it all out on your own. Protect your investment by starting with your ROI in mind and professionally developing your show. 

Let's Make Your Podcast Dreams a Reality

We have 3 levels of support.

Which level of support is right for you?

Done With You


Support Level: Medium


  • Access to online course
  • Worksheets
  • Templates
  • 8 coaching sessions in 12 weeks including tech & performance coaching
  • Support during the launch period to make sure you can confidently hit publish
  • Optional access to Podcaster Prime for ongoing mentoring
  • This program is limited to 4 months and must be completed in that time frame 

Perfect for you if:

You have time to watch the instructional videos and complete the homework

You want to be actively involved in the development of the show

You have resources for and want to oversee the design of show art

You plan to host the show yourself and want to sound great

You will have time to produce and edit your show or hire someone to do that for you

Done For You


Support Level: High


  • Development meeting (2-3 hours)
  • Show development, show structure outline, and episode topic list
  • Concept review meeting including time for revisions
  • Technical set up session
  • Performance coaching session 
  • Production plan & marketing strategy session 
  • Design of podcast artwork
  • Production of show trailer and support for your editor in creating show sound design template
  • Support during the launch period to make sure you can confidently hit publish
  • Optional access to Podcaster Prime for ongoing mentoring

Perfect for you if:

You want to be involved in the development but you have limited time

You plan to do your own editing, keep production in house, or manage your production team yourself

You plan to host the and want to sound great

You want to follow a clear plan including a production schedule and marketing strategy without having to create it yourself

You want a jump start on launching



Support Level: Total

Get Quote

  • Development meeting (2-3 hours)
  • Show development, show structure outline, and episode topic list
  • Concept review meeting including time for revisions
  • Design of podcast artwork
  • Writing podcast description
  • Hiring show host (or training internal candidate)
  • Hiring dedicated podcast producer
  • Contacting and coordinating guests (if applicable)
  • Writing script for host
  • Recording and production of 12 episodes
  • Design of podcast artwork
  • Production of show trailer and support materials for launch
  • Marketing elements for your social media manager or marketing team
  • Publication and distribution across 10 podcast networks
  • Clear next steps and optional ongoing production support

Perfect for you if:

You want a podcast professionally produced that meets your organization’s goals and matches the caliber of your brand

You don’t have a lot of time or bandwidth for the project

You may not want to host the podcast 

You want to launch your podcast successfully and headache-free