Hey Podcasting Entrepreneurs!

Stop wasting time and money on a podcast that doesn’t get results. Let’s turn it into an authority-boosting, brand-building, marketing machine!

Starting a podcast was supposed to be an easy way to share your message and attract more of your ideal clients. 

But… things haven’t quite worked out that way.

You’re not alone. We’ve heard versions of this story hundreds of times. 

The good news is, you don’t have to walk away from your podcast – you just need to tune it up.

Introducing the Podcast Tune-Up

The Podcast Tune-Up is a 6-step process created by two podcast experts.

We walk you through the foundational stuff that you probably skipped when you first got bitten by the podcast bug. You’ll discover how to align your podcast to your business which will improve your ROI and ROE (return on investment and effort!). Plus, we’ll help you make your show irresistible to your ideal client and craft a plan to make sure they know exactly where to find you and why to listen.

Here are the essential steps to a kick-ass podcast:

Fortify your podcast foundations to ensure your podcast and business are working together in meeting your big-picture goals.

Calibrate your listening audience with your ideal customer so that your listeners are most likely to be potential customers.

Your podcast is a part of your marketing plan and should feed your sales funnels and work  seamlessly with your business systems. 

It’s time for us to tune-up your show so that it performs optimally in helping you reach your business & podcast goals. Tweak! Tweak!

Your podcast is souped up and ready to go. Now, let’s make sure you know how to drive this thing and get results. Rev! Rev!

It’s time to make sure your amazing podcast isn’t floating around in the void. Let’s create a  marketing and promotions plan to attract attention.

Your business is not like anyone else’s, right?

Your podcast shouldn’t be either. 

We don’t offer you cookie cutter solutions. 

We’re guiding you to turn your podcast into an extension of your brand.

What's Included

  • Self-paced online course with 25 in-depth video lessons
  • 16-page fillable Podcast Tune-Up Guide
  • 20 valuable podcaster templates for emails, content calendar and more
  • 8 Additional video tutorials cover tech set-up, file management and more
  • 6 x 45 minute private coaching sessions with Tim and Valerie (VIP Only)
  • Qualification for ongoing private laser coaching through Podcaster Prime

Let's Make Your Show Even Better

Here's what past Podcast Tune-Up Clients are saying:

Hi, I'm Tim, Your Podcast Performance Coach

I’m Tim Wohlberg, host of the Just One Tip Podcast and I want to help make your podcast an effective marketing tool for your business.

As a coach, I tap into my 25 years of broadcasting experience (as a host, talent developer, director, instructor and award-winning producer). Expect me to share secrets and proven techniques to help you develop a loyal audience who are eager to connect. In 2016, I started coaching podcasters full time (although I still dabble in radio for fun).

What’s my coaching style? My clients and past radio college students will tell you it’s a combination of straight talk, tough love, and a lot of laughs. I’m all in on making you and your podcast sound great – but I might have to pull off a few Bandaids.

And, Meet Valerie McTavish

You won’t just have access to me as your podcast performance coach,

you’ll also be working with the co-founder of Podcast Performance Coach and producer of Just One Tip, Valerie McTavish. Valerie's career has spanned from advertising to radio and television developed to producing local and national live TV. Since 2011, her focus has been on digital marketing, specializing in helping entrepreneurs tap into the power of content marketing to build relationships with their ideal audience so leads and sales come in with ease.

Time to Level-Up

Stop wasting time and money on a show that isn’t performing.

After this Podcast Tune-Up program we’ll ensure that your podcast fits into your content marketing strategy, attracts the RIGHT listeners, and is positioned to drive engagement, loyalty, and, ultimately sales to grow your business.

The VIP option is a Done-With-You approach.  We’ll collaborative with you and expect you to step up and do some of the work. It’s going to get a bit messy but when we’re done, it’ll be glorious!

By Now You Know –
Podcasting Takes Time and Money

Let’s build a show that makes it worth your investment.

Which Podcast Tune-Up experience is right for YOU?

Both options include the Podcast Tune-Up course and grant you access to our Podcaster Resource Library (loaded with templates, how-to videos, and tips). 

The big difference between the two is coaching. 

So, ask yourself… are you:

  • A self-starter
  • Great at working things out with a few prompts
  • Looking to get through this as fast as possible


  • Eager to get the opinion of two podcast experts with over 30 years of broadcast and communication experience each
  • In need of a bit of accountability so that this course doesn’t end up perpetually in your later pile
  • Wanting to give your podcast some intentional time and attention so you can be confident in your next steps.
  • Know the value of a coach willing to give you personal attention.


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